WMS Green is a division of WMS Metal Industries that specializes in designing manufacturing and installing WMS products that support our environment. All WMS Green products are designed with the intent to promote recycling by minimizing the effort made by the end user. WMS Green comprises three separate product lines:

1. WMS ENVIRO-Waste Separator
2. WMS Grease and Oil Interceptors
3. WMS Recycling Bins
4. Meulenbroek Compactors

WMS Enviro-Waste Separator

WMS Metal Industries LLC pioneered the first award winning U.A.E designed and manufactured waste separator system. The ENVIRO-Waste separator is a system that facilitates household recycling without modifying current waste disposal behavior. The simplicity and flexibility of the product ensures easy adoption and minimal installation. The system can be retrofitted on existing buildings with pre installed garbage chutes or on new buildings that are under development.

WMS Oil and Grease Interceptor

Wherever lubrication oil, cutting oil, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha, paraffin, trisod phosphate and numerous other light density and volatile liquids (collectively called floating oil and grease or FOG) are present in drainage water greater than 6 ppm , WMS Oil Interceptors are required. Such contaminants should not enter the sewage lines due to serious fire or explosion risks, and disastrous impact on the environment since their presence greatly reduces the efficiency of waste water treatment plants. A WMS Oil Interceptor is a preliminary treatment for discharge water contaminated in the manner above prior to its diversion to the public sewer treatment for final treatment.

WMS Bins

WMS Metal industries designs and manufactures an array of steel and stainless steel waste bins ranging from outdoor recycling bins to indoor single entry waste bins. Accompanying its sleek design, all WMS Metal Industries waste bins are ergonomically designed to ensure a clean, simple and hygienic disposal of waste.

Meulenbroek Compactors

WMS has recently partnered up with Meulenbroek in Holland to become the regional distributer of Meulenbroek compactors. Meulenbroek waste compactors enable you to save on your waste streams, and make them cleaner, safer and more efficient. For more information please contact us or click the Logo below.