WMS believes its strength lies in its people, and therefore its staff are chosen on the basis of their technical ability, integrity and responsibility. WMS invests heavily in its team, and ensures that performance levels are consistently the highest in the industry. Below is generic organogram showing the division of labor within WMS. WMS has also recently established a research and development department to continue to nurture the internal spirit of innovation.
At WMS, continual training and updating of our skills and credentials is of paramount importance in assuring that we remain on the cutting edge of the industry’s level of expertise. Accordingly, WMS boasts the presences of two LEED® certified AP’s on-board and has become an ISO 9001:2008® Certified Company in 2010. Another area where training and credentials from important parameters is welder certification; below is a summary table of our welder’s credentials updated on 1st January 2011.
Total Number of certified welders: 17 Nos.

By buying the best, one is assured to deliver the best products, therefore WMS Steel always purchases some of the best available machinery on the market.